Custom & Clear

SPARK™, Invisalign ™ & “In-House” Aligners

clear aligner treatment

Our office offers two options when it comes to Clear Aligner Treatment. The first is the traditional option in which we work with a third party company, like SPARK or Invisalign, to develop and fabricate custom aligners. As an alternative, we also have the capability to offer “In-House” Aligners, where we create your custom clear trays all under our own roof in our 3D lab. In some cases, this allows us to provide a more time-efficient and cost-effective treatment. Come see us to learn more about which option would be better for you!


We first use our intraoral scanner to create a digital model of the teeth. This eliminates the need for goopy impressions and takes only 5 minutes at the first appointment.
Our doctors then take these 3D models and create a custom digital plan of how each tooth should be moved, systematically and incrementally, to its final position. We are then able to “design” a series of digital models representing each step in the process towards the final treatment goal.
Each of these digital models is then converted to a physical model using our 3D printer. The models are used to fabricate a series of custom plastic trays to be worn by the patient.
Trays can be given to the patient quickly, usually within days or even hours of their scan. Each tray is to be worn for 1 week before switching to the next and the patient is seen consistently by their Orthodontist to ensure an efficient and predictable journey to a great smile.