Your Treatment


Our office utilizes the most recent advances in metal braces design and manufacturing so we can offer our patients a modern take on this “traditional” way to straighten teeth and correct bites.

Clear Braces

For our patients with greater esthetic concerns, we also offer Clear Braces. These work the same as metal braces but blend in with the teeth to give a less noticeable appearance.


Clear Aligners are a series of plastic trays that place pressure on the teeth to gradually move them to their final position. Aligners must be worn 22 hours/day to be effective, but can be taken out to eat and clean. They are a great esthetic option for our dedicated patients.


Our office has a Digital X-ray machine that allows us to obtain a full picture, both above and below the gums. We use these radiographs to analyze the health of the teeth, monitor eruption and growth, and create a fully-customized treatment plan.


Impressions are a thing of the past with our 3D Scanner! We are able to scan our patient’s teeth to create a 3D digital model. We can use these models to create custom treatment plans and appliances like aligners or retainers.

3D Printing

Once Science Fiction, 3D Printing has now become an important part of today’s orthodontic industry. We are able to take the 3D digital models noted above to manipulate and print into the physical world. Our in-house machine allows us to create our “In-House” Aligners, deliver retainers on the same day as braces are removed, and give our patients a “copy” of their finished smile at the end of treatment.