meet the team

Dr. Carly Schiro


Hometown: Davisburg, MI
Dental School: University of Michigan School of Dentistry , DDS
Orthodontic Residency: University of Louisville School of Dentistry, MS and Certificate in Orthodontics


Why should we choose you as an Orthodontist?

I see communication as one of my strengths as an Orthodontist. I see myself as a very compassionate person and doctor, but I’m also a big fan of open communication with patients and parents, even when they can be involved, hard conversations. I want to know your concerns first; I want you to know mine second; and I want to tackle them all in a way that is best for all of us so we can give you or your child the best smile with the healthiest bite possible.

So you’re an Orthodontist, what else do you like to do besides move teeth?

Dr. Anthony and I are big outdoor enthusiasts-- we love hiking, camping, golfing, and even simple walks with our pup, Riggins. I also love to cook and entertain friends and family. When I’m not in Colorado, I can be found back “Up North” in Michigan, floating in a boat at our family’s lake cottage.

What are some passions that you “Align” yourself with?

Becoming a great mom! While we don’t yet have kids, I’m practicing as a “Dog Mom”--spoiling our yellow lab, Riggins, and golden retriever, Macklin, every chance I get. Also, I was a dancer growing up, but I stopped after college. Lately, I’ve wanted to get back to this passion and learn something new, Ballroom Dancing. I may even drag Dr. Anthony with me to some lessons!

fun facts:
  • I have a passion and dare I say talent for creating charcuterie boards!

  • I’ve always been a health and fitness nut. You can find me wandering around a Farmer’s Market or getting in a session on our spin bike!

  • I’ve developed a self-taught dabbling in graphic design. While I am certainly no professional, I love to create new, unique pieces--including our logo!

Dr. Anthony Schiro


Hometown: Okemos, MI
University of Michigan School of Dentistry , DDS
University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, MS and Certificate in Orthodontics


Why Orthodontics?

I’ve always had slight tendencies towards an “exacting” personality, so much so that as a young kid I would drive my parents crazy with how obsessive I was on where the seam of my socks fit.  If it wasn’t just right, I needed new socks!  Luckily, in dental school I found a new, better avenue for my obsession - perfecting people’s smiles :) I love that orthodontics allows me the opportunity to transform a smile, and it is in the final detailing that I really find my passion (and allow my meticulous nature an outlet).  I truly believe Dr. Carly and I are blessed to be able to practice Orthodontics. 

So you’re an avid skier, what’s your favorite ski area and which one do you want to hit next?

I have to pick a home state resort as one of my favorites! I think Keystone has the best of both worlds. There are boundless options for any skill level of skier with beautiful areas with easier terrain but also some hike to ski areas that make the effort well worth it. We also made the trip to Telluride in 2021 and it was so worth it– amazing views and great terrain. We will make it back there soon!

  • When I was in college I played Club Baseball at the University of Michigan, and during our regional tournament we got to play in the stadium that “A League of Their Own” was filmed.

  • When I was 12, I got lost on a ski mountain for what seemed like hours. I accidentally skied too far ahead of our group (because I loved going straight and fast) and ended up separated from everyone. This happened at Heavenly resort in California; now I make sure to always keep an eye on the group here in Colorado!

  • One of my favorite movies is the Guardians of the Galaxy, and I especially love Groot! We even have a Baby Groot figurine sitting on a windowsill of our home.

Laurie Hoff


Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX
Position: Treatment Coordinator

fun facts:
  • I love ancient history. Like, a lot!

  • I’ve been to 4 of 7 continents including Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa

  • I’m mom to Lemon (2-legged) and Luna & Magnum Patrick Goose (4-legged)

Sylvia Cage


Hometown: Lafayette, CO
Position: Lead Orthodontic Assistant

  • I am a Mother of three

  • I am a Grandmother of six!

  • I love to paint and refinish furniture

Missy Dortch


Hometown: Arvada, CO
Position: Front Desk Coordinator

fun facts:
  • I am the oldest of seven children

  • I am a total bookworm. On average, I read about 5-6 books per month!

  • My husband, my kids, and I love to travel. Thailand was our first international trip when my kids were 5 & 7 years old.

Vicki Hernandez


Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Position: Orthodontic Assistant

  • I love to clean and organize!

  • I adopted a kitty cat named Macchiato

  • I enjoy cooking & eating and sharing the things I cook with our team at lunch!

Orieawna Forrest


Hometown: Fayetteville, AK
Position: Orthodontic Assistant

fun facts:
  • I graduated high school with my associates degree

  • I was a varsity cheerleader for 4 years

  • Outside of the office, I love all things beauty and fashion.

Macklin Schiro


Position: Office Mascot

  • I was born in Montana and I still see my mom and dad on occasion. Dr. Anthony’s sister adopted my sister so we have sibling playdates often!

  • Riggins, my yellow lab big brother, is my favorite playmate– we love wrestling and wearing ourselves out with “zoomies” around our yard

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